Lesson 9 (12-12-18)

Q. If God is for us, who can be against us?
A. God works everything together for good in our lives. No one can be against us or separate us from God’s love.

Do you remember Joseph? He went through some unimaginably difficult things, and yet we can see the truths of Romans 8 in his life. As you read, jot down how you see God working in his life.

Day 1
Read Genesis 37.
Why did Joseph’s brothers hate him?
How did they treat him?
What situation in your life is similar?

Day 2
Read Genesis 39–41.
How did God bless Joseph?
What trials did Joseph face?
What do Genesis 39:9 and 41:39 tell you about Joseph’s character and commitment?
What trials are you facing? How do Joseph’s responses encourage and strengthen you?

Day 3
Read Genesis 42–43.
If you had been Joseph, how would you have felt when your brothers showed up?
What would you have done?

Day 4
Read Genesis 44–45.
What is Joseph’s attitude toward his brothers in 45:4–8?

Read Genesis 50:15–21.
Describe a time in your life when it seemed that nothing good was going to result, and then God did bring good out of it.

Wrap it up in prayer
Look up Romans 8. Take sections (like the example below) and pray them to God for yourself, your family, or those who need encouragement from these verses.

Dear God, my Father, thank you that you are working all things together for good for me, even the hard things I am going through right now. I know you are working everything together in order to complete your purpose for me—that I become more and more like Christ.