Lesson 13

Q. How should I treat believers who are different from me?
A. Don’t despise or judge other Christians or tempt them to sin. Do love them by following the example of Christ.

Day 1
Read Romans 15:8–13.
Are you feeling discouraged, without hope? Write out and pray Paul’s prayer in verse 13 for yourself and for others you know who may also be going through difficult times.

Day 2
Read Romans 15:14–21.
Paul commends the Christians in Rome for three things he knows about them in verse 14. Could you be commended for these things? What do you need to do to grow in these areas?
What is Paul’s ambition and ministry?

Day 3
Read Romans 15:22–33.
What do you learn about Paul’s heart from reading these verses about his future plans? Who can you ask to pray with you regarding your future plans?

Day 4
Read Romans 16:1–16.
Sometimes we skip right over lists of names like this. Take the time to read through them. Why is it important to you that God included in his Word specific names of those who belonged to Christ along with something significant about many of them?
What would you like God to say about you?

Day 5
Read Romans 16:17–27.
What two things are we to do with people who cause divisions and create obstacles?
Who are these people really serving?
Do you believe verse 25, that God is able to strengthen you so that you obey his commands and grow in faith, so that you truly glorify God and enjoy him forever? Ask God to increase your faith and your hunger for his Word.

Wrap it up in prayer
Pray that God will help you make choices that please him and prepare you for the ministry he has for you now and in the future.