Lesson 11

Q. Who, me—a living sacrifice?
A. Because of God’s mercies, it is reasonable to give myself to him as a living sacrifice. God’s Word renews my mind and the Holy Spirit transforms me to grow in Christ-likeness.

Each day you do devotions, read through Romans 12:9–21 again, and reflect on the questions you began to think about and discuss in your group. Write down your responses, apply these verses to the situations you are facing currently in your life, and ask God to renew your mind and transform you more and more into the likeness of Christ.

Marks of a Growing Christian

Hating evil and loving good (vs. 9)
Genuinely loving and respecting others (vs. 10)
Serving Christ with energy and enthusiasm (vs. 11)

Hoping in and giving thanks to God in the ups and downs of life (vs. 12)
• In what ways have you been able to give comfort or empathy to someone going through a hard time?
• How have you rejoiced with someone who has succeeded in an area?

Growing in patience during hard times (vs. 12)
• How does your faith in Christ help you when you are going through trials and hard times?

Learning to pray often, even when it is not easy (vs. 12)
• How can you grow in praying more often?

Giving generously and willingly to others in need (vs. 13)
• How do you do this?

Returning kind words for hateful ones (vs. 14)
• How do you react when someone has said unkind things about you?
• Does this mean you have to be a doormat?

Showing heartfelt sympathy for people’s troubles and being genuinely happy for others when they succeed (vs. 15)
• When is a time you have shown either or both of these?

Showing humility in relationships with others (vs. 16)
• How well do you welcome newcomers to our youth group and make them feel accepted?

Becoming a peacemaker; leaving revenge up to God (vss. 17–21)
• When is a time you were a peacemaker at home or somewhere else?
• In what ways recently have you wanted to take revenge—retaliate as soon as possible—either in thought, word, or action?
• What would it look like if you obeyed verses 20–21? Think of a situation in which you could apply these verses currently.

In which of the above areas do you have the most trouble? You cannot do these in your own strength, and no one can do them perfectly. Turn to Jesus, asking him to enable you to trust him and obey his Word.

When you are tempted to do the wrong thing, stop,think,and pray.