Lesson 10

Q. How can I know if God has chosen me?
A. If I am trusting in Christ alone for salvation, then I can know that God has chosen me—not because of anything I have done—but because he has shown me mercy.

Day 1
Read Romans 10:1–4.
What is Paul’s heart’s desire?
Paul said that the Jews had a “zeal” for God. In other words, they didn’t lack enthusiasm for spiritual things. But they put all their energy into the wrong things, including religious practices and keeping the law without trusting Christ for salvation. What about you? Is your trust in Christ alone or are you depending on other things to make you right with God? What is your heart’s desire?

Day 2
Read Romans 10:5–13.
What does God promise in this passage?
Have you responded to God’s promises in verses 9–10?

Day 3
Read Romans 10:14–17.
How do people hear the good news about Christ?
Pray for your pastor to faithfully present the gospel and for his needs. Pray for your missionaries. List them.
Pray for opportunities to share Christ with your friends or family. List those you
want to pray for.

Day 4
Read Romans 10:18–21.
Paul quotes some Old Testament passages here that tell how people can hear the gospel and not respond to it. And on the other hand, God shows himself to people who are not really looking for him. We know that it is God who chooses and saves. Paul is saying that the Old Testament Jews did hear what was revealed, but they were disobedient. Do you have family or friends who’ve heard the gospel but not responded? Pray for them again today.

Day 5
Read Romans 11:7–36.
In verse 20, Paul tells the Roman believers to do two things and to not do one thing.
What are they?
What does this mean in your life right now? In what area do you need to stand fast and stand in awe? In what area have you become proud?

Wrap it up in prayer
Write a prayer of praise to God. It can be a poem, a song, or a letter. Or write Romans 11:33–36 in your own words.