Family Devotion - John 21:1-19

Family Devotion Activity

Bottom Line: God will always forgive us and restore our relationship with Him.
Bible Story passage: John 21:1-19 (Jesus restores Peter).

Search around the house for something that you can use to build a structure or sculpture of some sort (Lego, blocks, deck of cards etc.) Assign one person to start and have them build something simple. Let everyone take a good look at it, take a picture and then have the person take it apart. The next person in line then needs to recreate what was built by the first person without looking at the picture. Then they take it apart and the next person does the same, until everyone has had a chance to rebuild the first thing. Leave the last person’s creation built, and compare it to the initial thing. Play as many times as you’d like, and then huddle up to read through John 21:1-19. Talk about how Peter’s relationship was restored through Jesus’ forgiveness, then go through the discussion questions below.

Discussion Questions:

1) How do you feel knowing that God loves us so much that He forgives us, and “rebuilds” our relationship over and over again?

2) Why do we struggle at times to follow God’s example of forgiveness when it comes to our own relationships with others?

3) Read Matthew 18:21-22. What does this tell us about forgiving others who wrong us?