Family Devotion - Isaiah 9:6-7

Family Devotion Activity
Bottom Line: God keeps His promises.
Bible Passage: Isaiah 9:6-7

Sit down together as a family and gather together some art supplies. You’ll need at a minimum something to write with and a few pieces of paper. Sit in a circle and have one person start drawing an animal, either made up or real. Once they draw the head (or feet) have them cover up their picture, leaving only the edges showing so that the next person can continue the picture. Go around the circle this way, each person getting to draw a part of the animal without seeing what anyone else has drawn. Play as many rounds as you’d like, and have fun seeing how crazy the animals all turn out. Then huddle up and read through Isaiah 9:6-7, and go through the discussion questions below.

Discussion Questions:
 1) Back when God first gave the Israelite’s the promise of a Savior, they may not have seen the whole picture. They had a lot of ideas about what the Messiah would look like, but when Jesus actually came, it wasn’t at all what was expected. Can you think of any other stories from the Bible that show how God has done things in an unexpected way?

2) Based on the verses in Isaiah 9:6-7, what might the Israelites have expected the Savior to do or look like? From what you know of Jesus and His birth and ministry, how did Jesus still fulfill those prophecies in a different way?

3) What are some ways that we can show that we trust in God’s promises and His plans for our lives?